#100DaysOfCode - Day 9: Blog resdesign... angular/material?

#100DaysOfCode - Day 9: Blog resdesign... angular/material?

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Happy halloween! Today, tomorrow, and through-out the week, I will be working on redesigning some of my website.

I’m currently looking at using angular/material, which is pretty straight forward and compatible with Jekyll pages on Github (what this blog runs on).

While I’ve got a ways to go, I’ve started drafting up some of the instructions for getting this setup, so I can transfer it to the README.md if that’s what’s decided on.

Installing Angular + angular/material

  1. Generate the app
ng new my-app-name
- Y for routing
- Styles:
  - LESS: lightweight and used by bootstrap, but not very dynamic and formatting is whitespace based
  - SCSS: lightweight and flexible, most popular amongst web developers
  - Stylus: Newer framework, reliant on Node, but preferred by developers such as Wes Bos that are very front-end focused. A bit more features with skipping variables
  1. Add Angular Material

     cd my-app-name
     ng add @angular/material


    • Theme: Indigo Pink (or whichever)
    • Select Y for setting up global Typography styles
    • Select Y for animations (duh)

… I know there’s still a ways to go, but my wife and I are celebrating being 99 days from Feb 7th today (our forecasted “big day”), and celebrating halloween =) Happy coding!

~ Moxnr

Written on October 31, 2020