#100DaysOfCode - Day 10: Site Updates (Cont.) + Jekyll [comment]: <> Bug =)

#100DaysOfCode - Day 10: Site Updates (Cont.) + Jekyll [comment]: <> Bug =)

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It’s November!! Woo!

So I learned something interesting today. In merging my changes from a feature branch yesterday, I actually thought I introduced a bug via my angular app into the website. Turns out, I had introduced a bug elsewhere (on yesterday’s post), and it only impacted the blog on the post that followed. Here’s what that bug looked like (notice how Day 9 is posted twice, and the 2nd time it doesn’t link out to post, but rather has the whole post?)


Jekyll Markdown Comment Bug

In using markdown (.MD) files for all my posts, I frequently add things that aren’t really worth mentioning/releasing to the public, but I want to have commented out for my own reference. In these cases, I’ve been using a ‘workaround’ feature for commenting in markdown, denoted [comment]: <>. This uses markdown’s embedded linking features to turn something into nothing when it’s rendered as html.

Well, turns out, that doesn’t work when you’re commenting out links. So, lesson learned…

Anyways, it’s fixed now, and I’m hoping there’ll be some cool updates coming to this blog soon!

~ Moxnr

Written on November 1, 2020