#100DaysOfCode - Day 3: .NET on Linux

#100DaysOfCode - Day 3: .NET on Linux

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Today, I had planned to do some .NET work on a project I’d created a few weeks ago to in a tutorial. Shawn Wildermuth has a great PluralSight course on .NET Core MVC, and there was a bug (on the front-end JS side, as well as security/auth wise) that I wanted to work through in order to make sure it’s working on my current version.


After stepping out for a while during the day, I decided that I’d be much happier if I were to be able to run this code on my personal PopOS laptop, as I’ve been using Linux for a while and really like the JetBrains software used for C# development. While most of my experience is in C# and the .NET (or Microsoft) side of things, I’m really passionate about open-source, so I want to be a part of the effort to help move a lot of Microsoft technologies to be hosted on Linux (which is WAY better and cheaper long-term, in terms of costs). From 2+ years of server administration in a scalable environment on the Microsoft side of things, I’ve just found that Windows servers aren’t very good at interfacing with various technologies, such as Puppet/Ansible. That, and of course, containers are definitely nice for cloud-based solutions, to make things a bit more scalable. `


In setting things up locally, I’ve figured out how to install SQL locally and use it, but need to figure out how the DutchTreat repository would connect to the database differently (TODO for tomorrow).

Installing Entity Framework, SQL server, and everything was pretty seamless. Finding some of the packages was a bit of an effort, but that goes for all cases - even installing on Windows. I documented much of the process for the installs here in the Github Repo mochsner/DutchTreat - dev-linux branch.

~ Moxnr

Written on October 25, 2020