#100DaysOfCode - Day 24: Secret Santa .NET Core App

#100DaysOfCode - Day 24: Secret Santa .NET Core App

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Today, I got to work a bit on .NET Core, which I’m using for a Secret Santa application that I’m working on for our friend group. I’ve definitely found it challenging, and the piece that’s thrown the most complexity into everything is authentication.

I’m not very familiar with Authentication (never really had to use it in manufacturing), so I’ve been using a format using <AUthentication> tags on the Razor files, and from the various issues I’ve found it has on <editform> (a part of Blazor for form editing), I’m starting to think there may be a better way.

Whilst the application isn’t pretty, I have a majority of the application done at this point - the parts leftover for tomorrow are:

  • Assigning Participants to eachother
  • Deploying to Ubuntu (bin)
  • Allowing the “initialization” of a Secret Santa instance

Of course, there’ll be plenty of other improvements and features I’d love to bake in down the road as well, considering how hacky the current state really is..

Anyways… Happy Coding, folks!


Written on November 15, 2020