#100DaysOfCode - Day 18: JetBrains Rider vs. Visual Studio Proper

#100DaysOfCode - Day 18: JetBrains Rider vs. Visual Studio Proper

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Happy Monday, y’all (Sorry, I’m technically a southerner). If you’re up north, I hope you got to enjoy some of the last warm weather today! Unfortunately, it’s looking like we may be getting some cold for a while, but we definitely enjoyed the last few weeks of warmth.

Today, I wanted to make a post about JetBrains Rider, a great IDE that I’ve started to use and really enjoyed using in my month of use so far. I’ve been using it for Personal development, such as the Secret Santa application I’m working on here.

Pop OS Compatibility

On Pop OS (derived from Ubuntu), it’s relatively seamless (aside from 1 or 2 shortcuts with conflicts that I haven’t decided to resolve). I’ve also noticed some weirdness with the VIm plugin at times, but nothing terrible - definitely the best C# development experience I’ve had on Linux (beats VS Code pretty easy, which I’ve been using for the last few years, e.g. in ConsoleBooks).


JetBrains is based out of Czech (which I’ve visted - yes, beer is cheaper than water in prague), but is a largely Russian company that does great things with Development workflows in various languages.

  • Their staple product has been JetBrains IDEA (Java)
  • They’ve branched off and are the industry leaders in Python now as well with IntelliJ (in my opinion)
  • They’ve (in the past few years) also released a C# IDE: JetBrains Rider

Whilst I’ve historically stayed away from their products because I’m a C# developer, I’ve heard great things about it recently, and decided to give it a try about a month ago. Overall, while a month hasn’t been enough time to truly decide on how much more productive I am with it, I definitely think it’s a worthwhile investment ($15-20 a month). At this point, the one thing I’m still more efficient with Visual Studio for is in-depth debugging, but that’s mostly because I haven’t had to do much complex debugging (yet)…

If you (or your company), is interested in moving from Visual Studio, I definitely recommend Rider! If you’re a recent startup (new in the past 5 years), you might even qualify for the 50% discount here!

Happy Coding!


Written on November 9, 2020