#100DaysOfCode - Day 17: SQL, Authentication, and Template Cleaning!

#100DaysOfCode - Day 17: SQL, Authentication, and Template Cleaning!

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Happy Sunday! Yesterday was a great day. Clemson and Trump both lost, and I was able to take some time to start to design the back-end to a SecretSanta application in .NET core, which I’ve really enjoyed working with. Whilst the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) I’ve been using has been a bit glitchy at times on Linux (JetBrains’ Rider), it’s been a joy to use their built in Vim emulator, as well as powerful debugger.

In designing the back-end, I was also able to write up functions that automatically clear out, and re-generate tables at runtime, which makes testing a lot easier. I must say, that so far, I’ve very impressed with the SQLite .NET integration, but I’m curious to see how it’ll play out trying to set it up when I need it deployed.

Anyways, I definitely have my work cutout for me today, including:

  • Saving any changes in SQL
  • Login/Authentication support VS. Email/Communication Functionality
  • Creating a form for adding Items

After those high-priority items (mostly today and tomorrow), I will work on the functions to define how your ‘Secret Santa’ is determined - likely based on some “custom” rules that negate certain people from getting others (e.g. I’d prefer not to have my wife for secret santa)

Happy Coding!


Written on November 8, 2020