#100DaysOfCode - Day 14: Google Tag Manager

#100DaysOfCode - Day 14: Google Tag Manager

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While this blog definitely has its work cut out for it, I’m taking some time to setup Google Tag Manager to track links that I post on here! As I’m now on day 14 (2 weeks :tada:) of posts, I figure that it’s starting to become worth investing some time into the medium I’m using.

For the specific thing I’m working on with Google Tag Manager, I’m actually looking to track all the events and the associated data for when external links/URLS are clicked on my posts. Since I’m continuously learning from other sites, I figure that I’ll be linking out to many of the resources that I use, and want to make sure that I’m presenting those links in a way that’s intuitive and enticing to any potential readers :smile:

Interstingly, I got the idea from the other day (Day 12), where I posted about Secret Santa and linked out to @willy_west_side on YouTube. I didn’t think that enough people read my blog to click my links out to his channel, but I couldn’t say with certainty that’s true. So, it’s interesting that we can use Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics to track that (unfortunately, I did not have it up the day of posting).

I’m hoping to find some stuff out through GTM.

  • Do readers click links more when they’re written out as URLs, or when they’re hidden behind descriptive text?
  • Do you click links more in scenario X vs. Y?

There’s really no way to know without any tracking!

If you’re interested in setting up Analytics, as well as GTM to associate certain actions (e.g. Link clicking) to share on Analytics, I definitely recommend checking out this post here: https://www.zoomowl.com/link-click-tracking-using-googleanalytics/

Happy Coding!

~ Moxnr

Written on November 5, 2020