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Some Reading and Reflection on 2023 | 7 mins | Add a Comment

It was a great year filled with many positive changes – my wife starting a new in-person job, moving into software development contracting myself, exploring my faith, and of course my daughter learning faster than I can keep track of (She is almost 3 years old, and reading books with her has become probably my favorite activity).

But, I think I really need to update my blog to make it more likely for me to post here. Maybe I’ll do more posts this coming year, in particular if I decide to switch my Blob to use Obsidian, which is...

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What I read in 2022 | 4 mins | Add a Comment

Like last year, I wanted to post about the books I’ve read this year. While it wasn’t nearly as many (alas, life) - there were still quite a few.

Read by end 2022
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TIL - Linux Printing | 1 min | Add a Comment

Today, I learned about Linux printing, and what a pain it sort of is. Well, technically it’s been an all week ordeal, but today I got it working.

I have a laser brother (black and white) printer, and it’s great because the ink is CRAZY cheap. But, drivers are probably a bit more complicated due to it. None-the-less, Brother has great support for Linux. The issue is, printers just aren’t really that straightforward. Microsoft does a good job of abstracting that away by having a naive user base, forcing print companies to make installation of printers on Windows pretty seamless.

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Title Author Genre Format
The Fated Sky Mary Robinette Kowal Sci-fi Kindle
The Relentless Moon Mary Robinette Kowal Sci-fi Kindle
The Expanse: The Sins of our Fathers (Novella) James S. Corey Sci-fi Kindle
The Expanse: Leviathan Falls James S. Corey Sci-fi Kindle
The Reason for God Timothy Keller Self help Kindle