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What I read in 2022 | 4 mins | Add a Comment

Like last year, I wanted to post about the books I’ve read this year. While it wasn’t nearly as many (alas, life) - there were still quite a few.

Read by end 2022
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TIL - Linux Printing | 1 min | Add a Comment

Today, I learned about Linux printing, and what a pain it sort of is. Well, technically it’s been an all week ordeal, but today I got it working.

I have a laser brother (black and white) printer, and it’s great because the ink is CRAZY cheap. But, drivers are probably a bit more complicated due to it. None-the-less, Brother has great support for Linux. The issue is, printers just aren’t really that straightforward. Microsoft does a good job of abstracting that away by having a naive user base, forcing print companies to make installation of printers on Windows pretty seamless.

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Types of Software Development | 12 mins | Add a Comment


Today I’m writing about the different types of software development, since something I myself might benefit from writing out (I’m better at writing things out than talking about them verbally). The software world is a rapidly shifting industry, and everywhere you read, you only get a little bit of the overall picture. I can’t write anything all encompassing, but I hope to be able to help paint that picture about how the industry of software development works, and who’s involved in it.

Quick Tangent on Software Development Roles

Custom and extensible software is embedded in so many industries...

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Title Author Genre Format
The Fated Sky Mary Robinette Kowal Sci-fi Kindle
The Relentless Moon Mary Robinette Kowal Sci-fi Kindle
The Expanse: The Sins of our Fathers (Novella) James S. Corey Sci-fi Kindle
The Expanse: Leviathan Falls James S. Corey Sci-fi Kindle
The Reason for God Timothy Keller Self help Kindle