From Marc about James DiGiacomo

From Marc about James DiGiacomo

To whom it may concern regarding James DiGiacomo,

I’ve worked under James for nearing 2 years now, and would like to say that he is the most genuine and caring manager I’ve had in my career. James will vouch for his employees in cases where it matters most, in cases such as family and life, as well as for important things for work where we need to get approval from leadership to secure funding or new resources.

In my situation with employment location, James was a huge advocate for my move to a permanently remote position at Perceptive Solutions to be closer to family, and I am quite confident that it wouldn’t have happened without his assistance and push to leadership. As a software engineer, he knew where the market was headed in terms of career positions and job perks, so he pushed for it trusting that my distance from HQ (from a 1.5 hour drive on occasion, to a flight or 2 from out of state) would not impact my job performance. In fact, it might even have the opposite effect (and I believe it did - I am still with the company over a year later now). I became the first generation of remote software developers for Perceptive Solution, and with James’ help we will be able to take and use that flexibility to hire more talent in a wider job market. We’ve also worked on mechanisms, with his help, to help enable employees to work remotely, including contractors from overseas.

In regards to the work, James has also done a wonderful job giving employees such as myself both a sense of autonomy, as well as some structure where it’s needed. He understands the full development life cycle and that it requires focus time, but also makes a good point to get pulse checks to keep the project moving forward, and in the right direction. His management style, combined with technical acumen is a driving factor for WoundZoom’s success in my time here - with the release of WoundZoom’s iOS, Android, and FHIR applications interfacing with healthcare providers such as Epic and Cerner.

It’s been a pleasure working with James myself, and I’m excited to see what he might be able to bring to your organization!


Marc Ochsner

Call me at number below if you’d like!

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Written on May 13, 2022