Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

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I just wanted to take some time to write about how undeserving I am of what I have come to know these last few years.

I’m now 27 years old, and I have a beautiful wife, daughter, and family. I have a mom, brother, father, wife, and extended family who love me and support me through pretty much anything - including times of depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

I really struggled in late high school and college with finding who I was. I’m fortunate to have hit rock bottom relatively quickly, and after doing so, and admitting how much I hated it to a therapist, my mom, dad, and brother - I’m thankful for the positive people who encouraged me to change.

I’m thankful for the people who encouraged me to take a break from school, where I was able to figure out what life has to offer (purpose). I got to read, a lot, in my semester off, and learn the power of being genuine. In terms of time invested into something for my well being as a human, there was very little more valuable than that semester where I got to read and learn about how I want to live a purpose driven life - so I’m thankful for extreme privelege of having been able to do that (I also happened to find something I was relatively good at, and interested in: programming).

I’m thankful that I decided to quit drinking, because it didn’t add value to my life. I’m thankful for the books and people I knew of in life that taught me that.

I’m thankful that my family supported me and encouraged me to live sober - my brother stuck up for me around his friends, and my parents told me how proud they were of me, and even tooks breaks themselves with me. I didn’t feel particularly proud of myself at the time, but their encouragement and pride in seeing my improve helped me become more comfortable with it, and for saying no around some friends.

I’m thankful that I decided to continue in my then major, Operations & Supply Chain, and got to meet my wife at an internship over the summer. I’m thankful that I attended her 21st birthday, whilst being hesitant due to an anxiety about being the only person in a group of 10 that would be sober, and it being a new group to me.

I’m thankful that my wife encouraged me to move up to Wisconsin, where I entered the healthcare sector and met some wonderful friends, who we will always stay in touch with. I’m thankful I decided to propose to my wife at the statehouse there, that she said yes, and we got married.

I’m thankful that we had a beautiful daughter, and we were fortunate to be able to move to remote positions to spend all that time with our daughter, and move closer to family.

I’m thankful for my friend Jesus, who for little reason, seems to be looking out over me - while I’m far from deserving of it. I’m thankful that he taught me what it’s like to love. That’s why I’ve made it this far.

Written on November 25, 2021