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Hi friends!

Just wanted to quick check-in, as it’s been a while and I realize I haven’t really posted much content, in part thanks to my wife and my wonderful daughter (Adora), who’s now almost 6 months old!

I’ve ran this blog on Jekyll (and still do), but my process for making posts was admittedly a little bit of a pain in terms of previewing my posts. So, today, I went ahead and got myself setup to use to make these posts, as it’s just neater, feels better, and lets me do it adhoc much more easily.

This is my first post made from Obsidian, so hopefully it turns out alright :smiley: If it goes well, we’ll be moving our little photoalbum blog to it as well to make it a bit more accessible for my wife! As always, thanks for reading!


Written on July 22, 2021