Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog

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After creating a personal blog (tuurtell) with my best friend, I’ve decided to go forward with taking the time to create this site to blog about some of the things I’m interested in through my career or personal hobbies!

Well, what are your interests…? Given my current position as a Systems Administrator/Engineer (I still don’t know the difference), you’d be surprised to learn that… it’s… wait for it… technology! Whoa, yeah… surprising. Although I studied logistics/supply chains in college, I had a few internships related to development & put most of my time into my computer science classes. I enjoy creating things, so I’ll try to make time to do that, but may share some opinions/perspective on Systems & technologies I use in my career. In contrast, I’ll definitely still be posting on our shared blog, so check it out if you’re interested in keeping up with my personal life

Why am I starting to blog? I think it’s important to have an outline where one can create & share their thoughts/perspective on matters. I consider myself to have half-decent writing skills to give it a try in a public manner, so here I am! I hope I’m able to keep any potential readers engaged - whether it be via technology, programming, cryptocurrency, or just general updates on my life as a human being!

Written on April 27, 2019