#100DaysOfCode - Day 91: A Week of Programming at Work (and Baby)!

#100DaysOfCode - Day 91: A Week of Programming at Work (and Baby)!

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Hi all!

So while I’m no longer using Twitter (and currently on week 5 with raising our little girl through infancy), I still would like to wrap up this whole #100DaysOfCode thing - just 10 days left! As you likely know by now if you’ve actually followed my posts, I’m working as a full stack developer, and actively code at work. I can’t always post about the work I’m doing, so that leaves #100DaysOfCode on the back burner quite a bit.

With that in mind, I’ve decided, that on weeks I’m not coding outside of work, I still work on general development tool, habit, or organizational improvements, and those definitely pertain to #100DaysOfCode (assuming I’m coding alongside use of the stuff). So, without further ado, I wanted to talk about what I’ve discovered this week:

  • notion.so is a great organizational tool for cross-platform note taking, particularly in the realm of software development. They have great different organizational tools (such as a Kan ban board, great native editing, and fantastic browser support). As someone who works in windows land and uses OneNote for a lot of screenshot-heavy research, this tool is a great platform to use that will allow me to use things that are more easily organized and access on Linux.
  • Jira has an absolutely phenominal iOS mobile application. I don’t normally use mobile things for development, but happen to have downlaoded it because I was curious, and I’m definitely a fan of their mobile implementation of the KanBan board. I’m still getting used to JIRA and figuring out how to help my organization make most effective use of it, but I’ve gotta say their app is pretty slick.
  • YT: Continuations in Scheme: The Swiss Army Knife of Flow Control: I’ve started this video, which talks through the Scheme programming language (a derivative of LISP), and one of the flow control tools it has, similar to what happens in try/catch, break, or thread control in normal languages, but more manual. I’m not very familiar with low-level code, so I’ve been trying to understand the ins and outs of this video. Part of me is really hoping that learning Scheme might even encourage me to start looking back into using Emacs Org Mode again :smiley:
  • YT: Extreme Vim Macros for Traditionalist Catholics: This is a video on the usefulness and flexibility of VIm, for something related to notetaking, and not coding. It really shows how powerful the editor is, and makes me want to get a lot better at it. I should really get back into reading Practical Vim

Anyways, that’s all I really had for this week’s things I’ve looked into. If I’m able to take some time to do some personal development this weekend, I’ll be sure to post again as ‘Day 92’ - otherwise, expect to hear from me in a similar fashion at the end of next week!

Godspeed, Marc

Written on March 5, 2021