#100DaysOfCode - Day 85: Kindle Highlights

#100DaysOfCode - Day 85: Kindle Highlights

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Today was a pretty typical day at work. I’ve been continuing with a number of my normal changes and getting pulled into a few other various issues. I’ll be looking at some more technical things tomorrow, so I’m excited for that (though also a little stressed since we’re expecting the baby soon!)

In terms of development outside of work, I gave myself the TODO today to setup my Kindle to be able to copy highlights easily for the Baby book “On Becoming Babywise” that I’m reading. I’ve already read it, but I want to be able to read it on Kindle this time, and highlight as I’m doing so for references later on.

I’ll be pulling any highlights I take the night prior, and summing them up in a markdown file, where my wife and I can go through and reference things as we’re running into it. I’m hoping to be able to define some rough plans for sleep / eat / wake schedules with that as well!

Lastly, I’m currently working to set up Obsidian.md on my Linux laptop, which I frequently use casually towards the end of the day (such as for writing this post). I’ve been using OneDrive to sync all my notes, but it’s a Microsoft product and not really supported by Linux, so I’m looking to use DropBox or something similar at this point - will follow-up on what I go with later in the week!

Happy coding, ya’ll!


Written on January 25, 2021