#100DaysOfCode - Day 81: SQLCipher & Obsidian Workflows

#100DaysOfCode - Day 81: SQLCipher & Obsidian Workflows

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Today, I’ve been working through some typical C# stuff. Nothing fancy. After getting lost in code for a little bit, I’ve also decided to look into how to decrypt a database so that I’d be able to look directly at the schema - I’m a visual person, and being able to navigate straight to the source is always beneficial for me. It was an interesting thing to learn how to do (most of the trouble was caused by a lack of a good tool for it). After getting it working late tonight, I’m excited to be able to use this tomorrow.

The aside, I’ve been looking into a organizational workflow, and I’ve really been liking using obsidian (see yesterdays post for details). It uses the native markdown format, and I like writing my notes in a format that I know would be able to almost seamlessly transfer to something like Github or another form of documentation. Unfortunately, there’s a (minor) caveat, and being the automation minded developer I am, it’s something I really want to look into getting something working for.

I’ve found to “copying” these .md files is limited to the file itself, and completely discludes images in the “copy” to clipboard. So, I’ll be looking at ways I might be able to script out any referenced images and either: A. copy them to the clipboard as well (like when copying from OneNote on Windows) - something which may be unique to the OS B. copy them all to a folder that’s more easily exportable

It’ll be interesting to look into, and if I really have the time to make it useful, it may even be worth turning into an Obsidian plugin! Time will tell, though.

Stay awesome & happy coding!


Written on January 20, 2021