#100DaysOfCode - Day 73: Mobile Development + Cloud (again)

#100DaysOfCode - Day 73: Mobile Development + Cloud (again)

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Hi friends!

Today, I spent a lot of my development time in meetings, as well as a specific Cloud issue (WHICH WE FINALLY FIGURED OUT)!! Turns out, a web.config can really mess with an application, so I’m hoping to be able to get involved with some CI/CD improvements to strip out web.config elements when we’re not running locally.

Beyond figuring out that issue, I’m starting to get more hands on with the mobile development - getting my local environments setup on a new computer, and the credentials/everything. I’m excited to hopefully be able to jump further into it tomorrow, and spend as much time as otherwise possible on some other platform changes I’ll need to make.

Happy coding!

~ Moxnr

Written on January 12, 2021