#100DaysOfCode - Day 50: Wo-oah, we're halfway there!

#100DaysOfCode - Day 50: Wo-oah, we're halfway there!

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Well, in case you were curious… the blog has been up and running since this weekend! :smiley: Welcoming myself to day 50 - just halfway there!

I went on a little bit of a “hiatus” from coding for fun this weekend, since I’ve had a lot to do at work and needed to achieve a sort of work/life balance. It was a great weekend, and I’m excited to jump back into doing things again this week - hopefully alongside the blog updates this time! I’ve really enjoyed the work I’m doing, so it’s really mostly just due to needing to give my family the appropriate attention, and give my back a little break.

I was able to work on some AngularJS things today that are getting pretty heavy into JSON. I’m potentially looking into using lodash, which I mentioned in another post to make working with that data a bit more clear, but we’ll see.

This week, I’ll be pushing some changes for work, potentially looking at some mobile application level development, and finally hope to sort of brush up on improving the blog just a little bit. There may be something small here and there, so definitely be on the lookout for those improvements!

Happy coding!


Written on December 13, 2020