#100DaysOfCode - Day 47: Android Markdown /Fixing Blog TODO

#100DaysOfCode - Day 47: Android Markdown /Fixing Blog TODO

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Hey folks!

So, it’s looking like the next 2 days of work may be taking up a lot of time, so I wanted to get a post/update out here that I’m aware of the issue, but unable to take the time to fix it with work at the moment.

Today, I did get to take some time to figure out how to post from mobile, so if you’re reading this - it was successful! I think this is super exciting, as it just makes posting on here just a tiny bit more accessible.

I’m currently using two tools:

  • Markor: markdown editing on android
  • Termux (with git): terminal emulator for Android

Happy Coding!

  • Moxnr
Written on December 8, 2020