#100DaysOfCode - Reflections on #100DaysOfCode

#100DaysOfCode - Reflections on #100DaysOfCode

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I started on the #100DaysOfCode journey on 10/23/2021 with [https://marc.ochsner.me/100Days/Day1], back when I was relatively new on the job as a developer, and an expecting father / husband-to-be. The journey was insturmental to help me create time for continuous outside of the actual value adding tasks at our business. It helped me learn the value of documenting my own knowledge to cement it in my brain, and ensure they’re polished enough for myself or someone else to read in 5 years. It also helped me not be afraid of sharing my own thoughts or understandings of things, which I often think are off the mark or missing something.

I have a relatively scattered thought process, and I still struggle with sharing my thoughts or notes for that reason, but it’s something I’m working on improving.

I really enjoyed the process of learning how to write blog posts. I was never great at writing in school, in the sense that I always took much longer than my peers, but I’m told that my writing is decent on the things I put a lot of time into. I often felt like I was putting much more effort in than I was getting out, but I really am glad I did (even my many many subpar posts), because I’m re-learning how to write effectively.

No matter how little the impact, I really want to put more time into making posts, when I’m able, to help anyone I know who’s interested in things learn alongside me. This commitment did an excellent job at teaching my how to make good (and bad) posts. I’m still very new in my journey as a developer and blogger, but I’m hoping that my posts (on development and life in general) only go up from here (though frequency or consistency may not be gauranteed).

I stopped #100DaysOfCode on #Day88, because my wife and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Adora Lillian Ochsner, into this world. I have since intermittedly resumed the #100Days, with posts, but they haven’t been the highest quality. I don’t know whether doing that, or just making regular posts, would’ve been the right answer, but I was always taught to finish something I started, and this was my attempt at doing so. So, in a partial sense, I did not entirely fail in my mind :)

Written on November 24, 2021