#100DaysOfCode - Day 0: Commitment

#100DaysOfCode - Day 0: Commitment

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Hi Folks!

Towards the latter end of my college studies, just a bit before I met Ann-Marie, I’d fallen in love with programming at Schneider Electric. That never stopped, but other things definitely took priority as I met Ann-Marie, and we were looking at places for me to work at after college. Since moving up to Madison for a job over 2 years ago, I’m now beyond blessed to have started back as a Full Stack Developer this month, and I recognize that I have a LOT to learn, and improve upon, in order to be successful in this field. I have the resources available to be able to focus on improvement my front-end, and back-end development skills, so I wanted to share that journey (mostly because I’m VERY excited about it).

Whilst I’m not the greatest when it comes to being public about things on the internet, I’ve decided that I really want to document my coding and learning process, whether posting on social media every day or not, for 100 days. I want to do this as a strategy of “habit stacking”, to pair with my half decent habit of exercise, for me to ensure my own personal growth as a developer and employee. I’d like to thank my wife, Ann-Marie, for supporting me to make my best attempt at this self-documenting scheme of marginal gains, to help me become a better programmer

During the week (busy days), you can likely expect me to be talking a lot more about more full-stack technologies, including C#, Cloud, and a limited set of front-end frameworks. On weekends, or even weekdays that are less busy, I’m going to be using this platform to work on front-end, build pipelines, pre and post processors, and general development tools. I won’t be using this as a way of keeping myself accountable, but rather moreso a way for me to share what I’m working on =)

Whilst I’m starting this blog with a post on social media, I’ll be taking breaks from cross-posting to save you all the spam. If you want to be sure to stay tuned, feel free to checkout the blog, or follow my new twitter that I’ve created as a sort of way to connect with like-minded people.


Written on October 23, 2020